Why You Should Give Books for Christmas

5 Reasons Your Best Gifts Include Good Books

You like to read. (After all, you read my blog.) That means you probably have read some great books over the years. One of the best gifts you can give someone is a book, and I’m convinced we should give books for Christmas. Here’s why.

Why You Should Give Books for Christmas

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Here are give reasons books make great gifts for Christmas. 


5 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts

  1. You cut millions of books down to one. When you give a book, you also give your endorsement of it—which helps the recipient in a huge way. You’re saying, “Here’s a book worth your time.” (By the way, I suggest you never recommend a book you haven’t read. I found this out the hard way.)
  2. Books are inexpensive, but they offer huge value. Where else are you going to give a gift so valuable for less than $15? (Bargain shoppers, note: give books for Christmas!) This flows into the next reason . . .
  3. You give someone’s best thinking at a bargain price. If you think about it, a book collects a person’s best thinking on a given topic. You can save thousands of dollars on counseling, tour guides, and courses if you simply read a book on an expert’s topic. Plus, you can read them at your own pace.
  4. Books change lives. Of course, the Bible—the bestseller of all time—changes lives. But how often do you hear someone say, “That movie changed my life!”? I’ve never heard that. But many times someone has told me a book changed their life. I’ve even had people tell me that about my books—which is tremendously humbling.
  5. A book no longer needs a binding (or gift wrapping). Can’t give a physical gift for some reason? Is your friend or family member out of state? No problem. Gift an e-book or audiobook! I recently had a friend ask how to give my book to someone in the Kindle format. Amazon makes it easy to gift any e-book with their “Give as a Gift” button (see the example below).

give an ebook easily

Give Books for Christmas

So give a few books as gifts! These 5 reasons represent only a few reasons to give books for Christmas. (I like to wrap a book in a bigger box so the person doesn’t know it’s a book at first. Makes the surprise even better.)

Not sure what book to give? Here are my readers’ top books. Any of these would make a great gift.

Tell me what you think: What book would you recommend? To leave a comment, just click here.

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