Why to Stop and Talk and Say Thanks

90 Seconds Will Give Someone the Most Meaningful Part of Their Day

Most of us don’t have time to stop and talk. We just can’t afford to. After all, we’re paid to produce, we have tasks to perform, and slowing down is counterproductive. But there’s an exception.

Why to Stop and Talk and Say Thanks

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Not long ago at work I was in the middle of a very busy day, walking through a department I seldom set foot in. I saw a coworker working alone at his computer—totally in the zone. I kept walking and then it hit me, I wonder when the last time somebody thanked him for the good work he does?

A dozen good reasons to just keep walking raced through my mind, and I literally walked out of the room.

But then I heard another voice.

Go say something, I told myself. It literally won’t take two minutes.

So I turned around, walked up and interrupted him, and told him I just wanted to thank him for what may often seem like a thankless job—but he was doing it well and with a great attitude. I genuinely expressed my appreciation.

90 seconds. That’s all it took.

Later I heard that our simple conversation meant more to him than anything else that happened that day.

A Small Expense with Huge Dividends

I’m convinced we can give someone the best part of their day by surrendering a small fraction of our own day. How? Stop and talk—and express your appreciation. Just say thanks.

Please understand, I’m not talking about engaging in the cotton-candy chitchat that eats away our productivity. I’m talking about taking a moment to stop and talk in such a way that a quick and honest connection is made.

Most likely, the moment you say thanks to someone for who they are and what they contribute will be the most meaningful moment of their busy day.

Take a moment to stop

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com)

Yes, They Need to Hear it

If you wonder if someone ever hears a word of thanks, the answer is probably no. Most of us are too busy, too proud, or too embarrassed to say thanks to someone. I urge you to push past all that.

Who needs to hear it? Everyone you see, literally. But for starters:

  • Your spouse.
  • Your children.
  • A coworker.
  • Your boss. (Yes, give it a try.)
  • Your pastor.
  • A teacher.
  • God.

Likely—very likely—the person you’re looking at today hasn’t heard a “thank you” in a long time.

What to Say

It won’t take long—I did it in 90 seconds. What do you say? Just say thanks for two things:

  1. For who they are.
  2. For what they contribute.

It’s that simple. Imagine if you heard this from someone today—how would you feel? Yep, me too. It would be awesome.

You have 90 seconds to invest today. Spend it well.

Tell me what you think: Has someone ever thanked you? What impact did it have on you? To leave a comment, just click here.

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