The Amazing Blessing of Your Average Life

Sometimes the blessing comes with a simple change of perspective.

Would you say your life is average? More ho-hum than awesome? You’re not alone. You’ve probably noticed, but very few people attain stardom status in life. That’s probably a good thing

The Amazing Blessing of Your Average Life

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Solomon’s words, “money is the answer to everything,” come from an earthly perspective (Ecc. 10:19). Among the rich and famous, so few find satisfaction—even in their success.

For some reason, it seems uncommon for exceptional lives to handle success well. Perhaps because success ranks just as much a test of character as does poverty. Maybe more.

Have you ever considered the blessing of being average?

It may surprise you.

The Fickleness of Fame’s Flickering Flame

Think about it. Fame depends on what you’ve done for me lately.

  • Agents and fans are always looking for the next championship, or the next bestseller, or the next sell-out.
  • As soon as you quit producing great stuff, you go from rock star to rock-bottom. From the national news to the National Inquirer.
  • When you slip to “has-been” status, the general public quits admiring your talent and begins gawping at your weight gain, hair loss, DWIs, and multiple marriages.

But the fickleness of fame is a small reason to avoid it. 

When Giftedness isn’t Such a Gift

That’s why, frankly, I’m grateful not be exceedingly good at anything. Oh, I’m pretty good at several things, I guess—but I’m not great at anything.

Sometimes we can mistake great gifts for God’s will in all cases. I do believe a gift represents a responsibility, especially a spiritual gift. But God gives spiritual gifts not for us as individuals, but for the edification of the church.

We mistake a gift for God’s will when it comes down to choosing between the exercise of the gift or another priority higher on the ladder of God’s will. I know of individuals—some in history and some very close to me—who were very gifted.

Exceptionally gifted.

But that gift became the pursuit, at all costs.

The Blessing of Being Average

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

The irony is that “serving God” by abandoning or neglecting the family, or by failing to put bread on the table so that the “dream” can be chased, shakes down to simple irresponsibility and idolatry. No gift is a substitute for the clear will of God.

Tis the Season for Gifts—or is it?

Think about Jesus. More than anyone, He was gifted in every area. And yet, He willingly set aside many of His abilities for a time in order to follow the will of God (Philippians 2:5-8).

Sometimes you may find it necessary to set your gift on the shelf for a while and focus on other parts of God’s will for your life. These seasons force a question: What has my heart above all else? My gifts or the Giver?

The good thing? A gift stays with you even when it sits on the shelf.

God may ask you to set it aside for a season in order to develop another area (like character) or another gift altogether. In fact, the setting-aside season can foster such significant growth that it may make the gift even more effective when God finally opens the door for its use.

The Blessing of Being Average

Are you in a “set-aside” season? Feeling like your gift is unused? Remain faithful wherever God has you right now. He is developing in you something far more important than a huge platform. When He is ready—when you are ready—the door will open.

Sometimes the blessing of being average comes with a simple change of perspective. You already have a HUGE fan base.

You have an audience of One—God.

He is applauding.

Tell me what you think: Which do you think is a bigger test—fame or obscurity? To leave a comment, just click here.

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