Love One Another: 20 Practical Lessons [Book Review]

Our popular tell us: “All we need it love,” and “I will always love you,” and they even point to a “Higher love.”stars 5

This is something Jesus told us two thousand years ago. Love One Another

Somebody asked Him: “Which is the great commandment in the Law?”  (Matthew 22:36). Jesus answered it in one word.


In fact, just before Jesus demonstrated His love by laying down His life, He issued a command to His disciples—and to us: “Love one another.”

Okay, so that’s great.

We all agree it all boils down to love. But what does love look like? How do we do it?

I just finished a great book that helps answer that question.

With Jesus’ instruction, “Love one another,” as the starting point, Don McMinn traces 19 “one another” commands as given in the New Testament. In essence, these 19 commands are the outworking of Christian love.

Each chapter offers real, immediate, and practical ways to apply the “one another” passages.

Although the book is designed for small groups, I enjoyed it as a personal study. The workbook helps Christians grow beyond love as merely a nice idea or a credo. Rather, it leads the believer toward the practical application of love as a verb. Love is what we do, not merely what we believe.

I confess before reading this book, I often chuckled at what seemed an outdated command, “Greet one another with a holy kiss” (Romans 16:16). After all, the manner in which the command was originally given no longer is appropriate for my culture. McMinn explains that the principle of the command is to offer a genuine greeting to others. (I have translated Romans three times and I never caught that before.) How refreshing to read such practical applications.

This book helps you explore the meaning and practical applications of twenty “one another” actions, including:

  • love
  • prefer
  • accept
  • greet
  • encourage
  • comfort
  • carry burdens
  • forgive
  • admonish
  • pray for
  • wait for
  • honor
  • offer hospitality
  • live in peace
  • care for

I love the authenticity of the many personal examples where love occurred—as well as when it didn’t. They showed me that love can really occur—and what it looks like Monday morning.

When asked why he wrote the book, Dr. McMinn replied:

Learning to love others is the most important thing. It is the key to a fulfilling marriage, successful parenting, friendships, and professional success. The One Anothers of Scripture present practical ways that we can love others. They are simple. They are doable. These lessons changed my life.” —Don McMinn

There is an optional leaders guide that outlines the Bible study leader’s role and offers some tips for getting organized, including icebreakers and additional discussion questions.

I believe the foundational principles in this book will help build lasting friendships, strengthen marriages and parenting skills, and teach people-skills that are essential for career success.

I read the Kindle edition, but you can get the beautiful softcover edition along with the downloadable leaders guide on Don’s Web site.

I highly recommend it.

Question: What “one another” command means the most to you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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