Join My Waiting on God Launch Team and Get 5 Exclusive Benefits

My new book releases next month!

Okay, I’m asking for your help. My new book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing, releases next month —and I’m inviting you to join my exclusive “Waiting on God Launch Team.”

Join My Waiting on God Launch Team and Receive 6 Exclusive Benefits

Thanks so much for your interest in my Waiting on God Launch Team but the application process is now over.

But you can still help! Here are a few ways:

  1. During the week of August 18-25, order a copy (or copies) of Waiting on God. I will give you seven FREE BONUSES worth $160.78 for doing so. Sign up here to be notified.
  2. Encourage others on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to take advantage of the launch week offer.
  3. Read the book and post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  4. Pray that God would bless the book’s distribution and that many people would be encouraged to wait on God.

The last one is most important to me. The message of the book is one we all deal with, and my hope and prayer is that people would find hope to press on and glorify God in the process.

This team will include 70 people willing to help me get the word out about my new book. If you’re interested, let me tell you how you can help.

But first, I’ll tell you what I’ll give you if you do.

What You’ll Get as a Launch Team Member

As a member of the Waiting on God Launch Team, you will get (in addition to my gratitude) these 5 exclusive benefits:

  1. A free hard copy of the book. Yep, the real deal—free. You’ll also get access to an electronic review copy of the book you can read in the mean time.
  2. Exclusive access to me and the other team members in a Private Facebook Group.
  3. A “thank you” on my blog with a link back to your own blog or Web site. (Google likes backlinks, by the way.)
  4. A 50% discount off my soon-to-be-released Going Places with God unabridged audiobook.
  5. A chance to get your copy of the book autographed. I’ll pick 5 winners at random.

What I’m Asking of You as a Launch Team Member

As a member of the Launch Team you’ll commit to:

  1. Help spread the word about the book in any way you can—on social media, on your blog/Web site, and beyond—between now and the week of August 18-25. (I’ve created some tweets, quotes, and graphics you can use that will make this really easy for you.)
  2. Write a brief book review on Amazon and/or some other online bookseller site just prior to the launch date of August 18. Just a few sentences will be just fine.
  3. Join me in prayer that Waiting on God would be used by the Lord to encourage many, many people. This is really important to me. The book’s success—meaning its message and impact—depends on prayer. My hope is that people would find courage to press on, to wait on God, and to glorify God in the process.

That’s It!

If you’re willing to help me in this way, you can apply to be on my Launch Team by clicking below. I’m choosing 70 people to join the team.

Thanks very much!

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