Our Holy Land Tour is Over—It is Well with My Soul

Day 9: Insight for Living Ministries Israel Tour

Our Israel tour has come to an end. Hard to believe! It’s been a fabulous tour connecting the Bible and its lands to life. One place in Israel that’s special is the lobby of the American Colony Hotel. That’s right, the lobby.

American Colony Hotel

(Picture: The American Colony Hotel)

The best part of this hotel is that the lobby has framed the original manuscript to one of my two favorite hymns: “It is Well with My Soul.”

I’ve posted a picture of it here. Can you make out the words?

It is Well with My Soul Manuscript

(Picture: Original Manuscript of “It is Well with My Soul”)

You can read all about the story behind this hymn (and 100 others) in 101 Hymn Stories. Spafford’s life took a tragic turn at the end, but the grace of Jesus Christ is strong enough to overcome any situation.

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