Stonebriar Choir 2014 Israel Tour Resource Page

Thank you for the privilege of sharing with you about your upcoming trip to Israel. Here are the resources I mentioned available to you.

You can download the handout here.

Posts to help you before, during, and after your trip:

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands vol. 14-18Resources to Take You Deeper:

Insight for Living’s Holy Land Bible Study Materials

See products in IFL Web store.

Watch video introduction:

Search Israel with Google Maps

You can get started here.

View Larger Map


Each site is linked to more information and devotional content.

March 12—North Coast Region

March 13—Galilee

March 14—Golan Heights

March 15—Jordan River Valley

The Geography of Jerusalem

Geography of Jerusalem

Geography of Jerusalem

March 16—Jerusalem

March 17—Jerusalem

March 18—Dead Sea Region

March 19—Jerusalem

March 20—Jerusalem

March 21—Arrive In The U.S.


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