It All Comes Down to Change [Podcast]

2 Corinthians 3

What good is it if we attend a bunch of Bible studies but never grow in maturity, or if we hear a thousand sermons but never improve our marriages and families? Knowledge alone isn’t enough. Value transformation, not just information, as the basis of a successful ministry.

It all comes down to life change.

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In Pursuit of Excellence [Podcast]

1 Corinthians 3:10-15

Usually when we think of excellence we think of giftedness; and partly this is true. But our attitude says as much about the quality of our work as our skills do, for it is the attitude God will judge.

Excellence in ministry honors God and inspires people.

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We Are Creative in His Image [Podcast]

Genesis 1-2

The more predictable we are the less of an impact we have; and this is nowhere more true than in our current culture. We need to look no further than the first chapters of the Bible to see that the most creative Person in the universe is God: from nothing He created everything.

Creativity is an effective way to express sound doctrine.

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What Grace Can Do for You [Podcast]

Titus 2:11-15

Should we obey God in order to get His favor? No. Believers obey the Lord because they already have His favor. God’s grace in giving Jesus Christ provides the safe haven for learning to obey.

Grace is the context in which God’s standards are to be taught.

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What God Seeks [Podcast]

John 4

Our world offers drinks of water that never satisfy. Instead, we end up with a mouthful of gravel. God, on the other hand, offers living water.

And God seeks from us the only thing we can truly offer.

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When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers [Podcast]

Luke 11:1-13

In any relationship, communication is essential. In our relationship with God, He communicates to us through His Word—and we communicate to Him through prayer.

But what about when He doesn’t answer?

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How God Shapes Leaders [Podcast]

Mark 6:35-52

God’s shaping of people into leaders puts them in places that require them to trust Him. That develops character.

Although never on our resumes, character ranks most important in what makes quality leaders.

You Are Not Alone [Podcast]

If we’re honest, we have to admit that we guard our privacy and isolation.

We withdraw from transparency in relationships. What lethal commitments to the spiritual life!

Wayne Stiles Podcast

The example of Jesus and the early church was to live in relation—not isolation. To grow to full potential, every believer needs real relationships on levels beyond the surface.

Acts 2:42

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God’s Will For Your Life [Podcast]

Matthew 28:18-20

Finding God’s will for your life often seems perplexing. However, God has made it clear to what every believer should devote himself or herself.

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Love Him With Your Life [Podcast]

Mark 12:28-31; 1 John 3:13-18

Do you value love for God and people, expressed not only in word but also in deed?

When someone asked Jesus to recite the greatest commandment, He spoke of love– love for God and love for people. Love at its essence is a verb.

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