Black Friday Audio Blowout!

My newest resources at a great deal.

I have saved 5 brand new audio resources (plus my newest audiobook) to offer you at a significant discount for this Black Friday sale. From lessons from Bible lands to questions about why a good God allows evil, you’ll get something worth hearing that will encourage you today!

Black Friday Audio Blowout

Get all 5 audio resources at 60% OFF their retail price. When you do, you can get my newest audiobook, Waiting on God at a whopping 75% off! This weekend only!


Here’s what you’ll get:

five-lasting-lessons-from-the-lands-of-the-bible-25 LASTING LESSONS FROM THE LANDS OF THE BIBLE (44-minute audio download)

What do all those odd geographic mentions in the Bible mean by way of application? Plenty! After many trips to the Holy Land and a lifetime study of God’s Word, Wayne Stiles boils down what the lands of the Bible can teach us into 5 lasting lessons you can apply in your life right now.


how-to-see-your-life-like-jesus-sees-itHOW TO SEE YOUR LIFE LIKE JESUS SEES IT (90-minute audio download in 2 parts)

If Jesus asked you: “What do you want me to do for you?” what would you say? Turns out, Jesus asked that question twice in the same day and got two different answers. Which are you? Too often, we see our biggest needs completely different than Jesus does. As a result, our distracted hearts miss much of the joy of living. In this practical (and humorous) two-part message series, Wayne Stiles shows you from the gospels your biggest need so that you no longer have to see life from a small perspective. Instead you see the large view Jesus has of your life. You can see your life as Jesus sees it.


why-does-a-good-god-allow-such-evilWHY DOES A GOOD GOD ALLOW SUCH EVIL? (42-minute audio download)

The question is one we’ve all asked: “Why does a good God allow such evil?” Thankfully, the Bible does not ignore this important question. In fact, the surprising answer gives an application that we can never forget. Intensely biblical and filled with compassion, this message by Wayne Stiles reveals the surprising good news of what the Bible says about why God allows such evil in the world—when He could stop it in a moment.


how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-life-right-nowHOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW (43-minute audio download)

It’s a temptation we fall for most every day. Why is it we look to the future or the past as holding the best parts of life? How can we see the best parts of now without missing them? In this intensely practical message, Wayne Stiles shows you how to look past your nostalgic past and even beyond your ideal future in order to get the most out of your life right now.


Waiting on God audiobook 3DWAITING ON GOD: WHAT TO DO WHEN GOD DOES NOTHING (unabridged audiobook)

You’ll save 75% when you add this to your cart at checkout!


This offer ends Sunday night!

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