10 Reasons To Tour Israel Sooner Rather than Later

I have never recovered from my travels to the Holy Land. As many times as I’ve been to Israel, every trip impacts me. Every single one. There’s a reason.

10 Reasons To Tour Israel Sooner Rather than Later

(Photo: Temple Mount and Western Wall. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

After Cathy and I took our first tour to the Holy Land, the truth hit home harder than it ever had: my faith is rooted in events that occurred in real places.

But after the initial trip, I began to unpack the incredible benefits of traveling to Israel. I’m convinced there are at least 10 good reasons to go.

And why sooner is better than later.

Why a Tour to the Holy Land is So Valuable

I have done a lot of study about the benefits of experiencing the Holy Land. Here’s what I discovered through interviewing literally hundreds of people.

If you choose to experience the Holy Land, you will enjoy:

  1. Sharper comprehension of the Bible
  2. Clearer understanding of biblical application
  3. More effective communication of truth to others
  4. A framework for better memory of biblical events
  5. Greater confidence in the Word of God—having seen the places the Bible speaks of
  6. More vibrant spiritual life and deeper love for God (99% of those who go affirm this)
  7. Learning the Word of God will all your senses
  8. Seeing the Bible when you read it for the rest of your life
  9. Experiencing a dimension of authenticity and history to your faith you could gain no other way
  10. A window of opportunity that may not last (the political situation is ideal for tourism now)
The Sea of Galilee from Mount Arbel

(Photo: The Sea of Galilee from Mount Arbel. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

Why go sooner rather than later? Simply put, the sooner you experience the benefits of a tour to Israel, the longer you’ll enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Holy Land Tour

I’ve put together several posts to help you get the most from your tour to Israel—including what to do before, during, and after your trip.

Yeah, But . . .

Here are a couple of common objections I hear, which don’t have to be impasses:

  1. Can I afford it? I’ll be honest, my wife and I saved for nine years before we took our first trip. Just start saving and praying for God to provide. You could even ask your family, friends, or church to help support you. (My seminary professor once told me that buying a house and traveling to Israel are the only two reasons he could justify borrowing!)
  2. Is it safe? I have been to Israel 9 times in the past 14 years, and I have never felt unsafe. Not once. I’ve written more about this common concern on my tour page.

Walking the land of Israel has provided me with a deeper appreciation of God as Lord of world history and of seemingly minor details—both of which bring comfort to my life.

I am confident it can do the same for you.


Come to the Holy LandClick here to see the details and browse the tour itinerary! You can even see the tour sites on Google Maps.

After your journey to Israel, you will never be the same!

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Watch for Yourself

My experience isn’t unique. The following video shows people whose lives have changed as a result of a tour to the Holy Land.

Tell me what you think: If you have taken a journey to the Holy Land, how did it affect you? To leave a comment, just click here.

Come to the Holy LandCome to the Holy Land with me! Journey to the amazing Holy Land on my upcoming trip to Israel. See the details, browse the tour itinerary, and download a FREE brochure! After your journey to Israel, you will never be the same!

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